Complete Septic Services for Hamilton and Butler Counties

Septic system installation and serviceNormally, asking around for the opinions of others before plunging into a new project is very beneficial. We would advise you to do this as much as anyone else. However, and pretty much by accident, we discovered an exception to this prudent rule.

If you need Right Now Septic Service we offer quick response for that. We also provide septic pumping service and discount septic pumping when others in your neighborhood also sign up.

Hamilton and Butler Counties have particularly intimidating rules concerning septic system standards. Had we inquired for opinions instead of just doing our job, we would have been filled with fear and trembling while approaching inspectors. Fortunately for us, we simply applied our conscientious standards and adhered to the published rules before we realized how much we were supposed to be afraid of them.

That's the best way we can figure to explain why there's so much trepidation among our peers. The idea that we are the only ones able to measure up isn't really plausible, but it almost seems that way so we can offer you our same sense of relaxation about your septic system. Since we didn't go in expecting the worst, we'll just accept it as a competitive advantage and pass those benefits on to you.

This discovery did prove that attitude is important. We've established a relationship of cooperation with local authorities and inspectors so they know we're not trying to pull anything over on them. Talk to us about your septic system. The local codes are designed to make the community better, not to make your inspections more miserable.

Certified Real Estate Inspector

Jeff Michael Excavating is a certified National Association of Wastewater Technicians Inspector: ID #6153ITC.

Helpful Video About Septic Systems

This video produced by the New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Resources contains some valuable information including care and precautions to avoid expensive septic problems.