Complex topographical grading exampleWhether it's a more elaborate grading project like the one shown here or a simple adjustment to correct topographical flaws, Jeff Michael Excavating applies our thorough understanding of drainage and water run-off to expertly grading your property. In addition, when grading near or up to a street, our street sweeping equipment is used to leave a clean appearance when we are done.

Be sure to contact us for our expertise in recommending the correct grading and then completing it for you. Don't worry if you think your grading project may be too small, our specialty is homeowner services that many excavation contractors don't want to do.

Below is a featured backyard grading project to help demonstrate our problem solving approach. Click on the first image to launch the enlarged slide show.

The natural soil of this backyard is clay with rock, not exactly the most ideal The muckiness of the clay is even worse as the elevation lowers down toward the drainage area Clean fill is brought in to yield a much more pleasant lawn and the yard is made more level with a pronounced slope for water run-off By sloping directly behind the home, the main barkyard area is more level and usable Now only a green lawn is now needed to make this an enjoyable backyard with no worries of mucky clay between the toes