Unpaved Driveways, Entrances, and Parking Lots

Unpaved driveway with crushed stone being compactedThere's no doubt that the choice for an unpaved driveway or parking lot is often motivated by cost savings, but there are a good number of other advantages too. Yes, it does cost significantly less because paving is very expensive, but it is also easier to maintain and lasts virtually forever.

We use crushed stone which has natural water absorption, dries quickly after rain, and is far less prone to dust and mud than conventional gravel. You won't have to worry about the expansion and contraction in temperature extremes that leads to potholes either.

Our expertise in drainage and excavation separates us from other companies who would create your driveway like a gravel road. Not only does proper prep work provide a solid “foundation” under your driveway, our compacting process creates a firm surface resistant to forming bumps and ruts.

We don't technically provide paved driveways unless we're collaborating with a cement specialist, but the gallery below demonstrates a crushed stone driveway project that involved excavating and preparing for the poured driveway portion and walk with steps.

Before image of porch with no walk or steps The hill leading to the driveway will need steps constructed Before image of a roughed in driveway After excavating and properly creating a well packed gravel bed, forms are created for pouring concrete This is the typical worse before it gets better as our prep work isn't pretty at this stage Deep and well packed gravel bed prepared under the forms that will become pavement View of driveway prepared for pouring concrete This provides a nice view showing attention to detail as prep work is nearly complete and ready for pouring concrete After completion you can see perfectly laid concrete on a slope and the crushed stone driveway Closeup view of the poured concrete steps and walkway Finished driveway and walkway with integrated drainage system Nice perspective view  on finished walkway and steps leading to the formerly orphaned porch

Saving Money Without Getting Bit

Contact us for money saving unpaved solutions to providing driveways, entrances, and parking lots without the risk you face using contractors who take shortcuts or fail to recognize that doing it right involves more than just moving dirt and spreading gravel.