Neighborhood Discount Septic Pumping

Request Discount Septic Pumping

The idea is simple and sensible. You are not the only one in your neighborhood that needs regular septic pumping. If we send our septic pumping truck to your home and others in your neighborhood also use our service, it costs us less than separate trips or hopping around to different locations miles apart. We pass those savings on to you!

The more homes in your area that use our services, the bigger the savings. It's basically word of mouth advertising that lowers the cost for everyone. You'll want to recommend our services anyway, now you and all your neighbors can save money doing it.

It is important to note that discount septic pumping does not mean less service or a “pump and run” special. You'll get the same service level as full price, we are simply working more efficiently and providing legitimate savings to you and your neighbors in the process.

Use the form here on this page and we'll get you enrolled.

Restrictions (aka: What's the catch?)

First, we're limited by the laws of time and space. Time is a non renewable resource and our pumping truck is finite in what it can hold, so the discount is only for up to 12 neighbors. Second, scheduled appointments or appointment windows are not available. Our office will determine the day and time for your neighborhood but everyone enrolled in the program will receive pumpouts on an appropriate schedule.

Call (513) 623-1792 or use the form on this page and we'll get you set up for enrollment.