About Jeff Michael Excavating

Why the Name Matters

Jeff MichaelFirst, a quick introduction for anyone who hasn't met me or already heard of me through a referral. I am Jeff Michael and because my name is on the business, it is very personal to me that your experience with my company be the absolute best. I'll spare you any clichés about the importance of a good name but I do take that very seriously.

We've been in business since 1996 and because this is a small father and son business, to use the term “local family owned business” is not just something that sounds nice. In fact, we're so saturated with our local heritage and old school ways that this web site is new. However, we realized that even though we ourselves didn't need this site, it was important for you to have it so it's built for you. Your feedback also helps us make it better.

What We Do

The best way to describe our homeowner services is if it involves moving dirt, we do it. Our specialties though are anything that has to do with septic systems, including a full expertise on the Butler and Hamilton County codes that most companies find intimidating, and, our knowledge of drainage will spare you the nightmare situations many homeowners have faced with excavators who think moving dirt doesn't require intelligence.

Other Examples of Our Old School Values:

You ought to be able to expect that from everyone, but we both know it's hard to find any more. Our old school ways don't include being outdated though, we keep up with advances to do the best job possible. This web site is continually evolving with your needs in mind so we can serve you even better. Call or email us for any kind of earth moving project.