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There's One Thing We're Not Very Good At

If we were to start out here with a confession of something we're not particularly good at, it would be…selling. You see, after investing our energy into knowing everything we can about drainage and water run-off, moving dirt without falling for the myth that it doesn't require intelligence, and studying septic systems and codes to the point where our brains hurt, there wasn't much left to get great at selling.

People do business with us because they can confirm our reputation and know they can trust us. When our selling skill fails to persuade someone why a lower price offered by a lesser competitor won't serve their needs, we feel bad for them but it's something we had to learn to live with. We'd rather be experts in our work and have you deal directly with us even if it means losing business because our powers of persuasion aren't as good as a professional salesperson.

Fortunately our customers help us sell. We invite you to contact us so you can become one of them. You'll find that even though our marketing skills stink, we're great at communicating, answering questions, responding quickly, keeping appointments and being on time, completing your project with excellence, and keeping our promises. You should be pleased enough with that to make up for our poor selling ability.